A time we Will never see

Welcome to the Interactive Book project, written during the Covid-19 Lockdown (March – July 2020), and now a completed story!

Can you imagine a world where school is banned, children are no longer allowed to learn to read and it is Christmas every day?

Sound like fun? Think again! It’s a pretty scary place…

The Upside-Down Krissmas Tree, by Abi

Join Sham, Priya, Holly and Rudy in their world, and learn what it means to be brave in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

Click on the Chapter Headings at the side of the page (or top right list icon, if on a small screen) to read and listen to their adventures. The story begins here:

Will and Fiona Davis

The story was written, with input from children all the way, by Fiona Davis, and the audio version was then recorded, with music and sound effects by her son, Will Davis.

You can read ‘The Story of the Story’, all about how the project unfolded, on this page:

Professor Festive Days by Lily

All illustrations were done by children from the author’s school. Only first names are given here, to protect their identity.

We would love to have more illustrations! If you would like to contribute, please contact Fiona Davis below for details on how to submit your pictures.

If you would like help launching your own Interactive Story project, whether at school or just for fun, or would like Will Davis to do some music or sound effects for a project, please use the contact fields below.